Daily Caller: 'House Of Cards' Is Right Wing

Mostly because they portray Democrats as so terrible

The second season of the popular Netflix series 'House of Cards,' starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as a ruthless power couple working every angle the DC political game has to offer, was released last week.

The show, which portrays the people running the country as corrupt, manipulative and power hungry, also carries an editorial undertone that leans right according to an article published Monday in the Daily Caller:

As Spacey noted during a recent interview with George Stephanopoulos, House of Cards is like the “antithesis of what ‘The West Wing’ was,” referring to Aaron Sorkin’s liberal fantasy of political life. His show served as a kind of bizarro history of the Bush years, one where a noble left-wing president and his merry band of geniuses build a thriving, peaceful country here at home.

House of Cards is like the glum, Obama-era antidote to The West Wing’s sanctimony, a Tea Party fantasy dressed up with all the weird sex and violence expected of premium cable.

The article lists five ways in which the show tilts right. The first is perhaps the most substantive, and contains the fewest spoilers for those who lacking the personal ambition and professional flexibility to have watched all of season 2 already:

1. Entitlement reform is presented as a necessity.

“Why keep fighting it?” says Frank Underwood, the House Whip-turned-Vice President antihero, as he persuades his fellow Democrats to raise the retirement age to 68. Indeed, everyone on the show sees boosting the retirement age as essential to keeping Social Security solvent, with the exception of limp-wristed liberal Rep. Donald Blythe, who eventually caves anyway.