MSNBC: ‘When Will There Be Enough' Probes Into Clinton Corruption?

"This is what Joseph Stalin would do.”

MSNBC wants investigations into Clinton corruption stopped for good.

Amid coverage of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s congressional testimony Tuesday, MSNBC’s Katy Tur and Andrea Mitchell were horrified by Republican encouragement for Sessions to launch an investigation into the continuous scandal-ridden dealings of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Unable to keep from spewing her political leanings instead of maintaining an objective journalism, Mitchell remarked:

“Pretty extraordinary that the President of the United States and others in the Republican Party would be pressing the Attorney General to investigate the defeated opposition candidate on charges, frankly, that we have fact-checked and that don’t add up.”

Really? Good to know Mitchell and MSNBC have already done the checking for us. Thanks, Andrea.

The anchor then passed the baton to former Obama Justice Department official Matt Miller, who agreed:

“Yeah, it is a completely [in]appropriate thing for the President to have been doing. It would be a lawless action for the administration to take.”

Miller didn’t — presumably because he couldn’t — support his claim that an investigation of the Clintons — the most corrupt couple in the history of American national politics — would be a “lawless action.”

Later in the broadcast, as Tur spoke to Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, she asked:

“Congressman, I don’t want to get down into a rabbit hole with the Clintons, but I mean, the Republicans and Congress and the FBI have investigated the Clintons over and over and over and over and over again. You’ve got Benghazi, the e-mail server, the Lewinsky investigation, travelgate, Whitewater, State Department e-mails, the list goes on and on. When will there be enough investigations into the Clintons?”

Apparently, Tur missed the irony that the inventory of corruption and scandals she listed for Jordan is in fact the reason for so many investigations. This is particularly true in the light of further considerations of Bill’s victimization of women and Hillary’s recent exposure regarding the Trump dossier and her rigged nomination, as well as long-overdue concerns over the Clinton Foundation.

However, MSNBC is less concerned with justice and journalistic probes than it is with its leftist political narrative. And in that narrative, the Clintons are merely the victims of "a vast right-wing conspiracy." In fact, also on Tuesday, Joe Scarborough claimed on his show:

“We’re gonna get how horrific this is -- what a horrific precedent this would set if Donald Trump goes after his political opponent this way – uses the Justice Department, pressures the Justice Department, pressures the Attorney General to do this. This is what happens -- this is what Joseph Stalin would do.”

Never mind that Stalin was a mass-murdering leftist, or that there's a difference between law and order on the one hand and mere political persecution on the other.


MSNBC and its fellow left-wing radicals in the mainstream media will never accept a fair look into the Clintons. The couple is mired in scandal, just as they are steeped in media protection.