Critics Rave: Marvel’s ’Black Panther’ Superior to ‘White-Bread Avengers

Liberal tears are being replaced with liberal drool.

Well, the reviews for Marvel’s Black Panther are in and the leftist critics are drooling all over it ahead of the film’s February 16 release.

Already, the next Marvel installment directed by Ryan Coogler was given a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and according to The Hollywood Reporter, is “easily the best [reviewed] for a Marvel Studios project to date.” That’s fairly predictable since it’s 2018 and leftists are obsessed with race and identity politics. 

For Nerdist, Marc Bernardin wrote:

“It’s as if everyone enlisted to bring the project to life understood the magnitude of what Black Panther, the first comic-based studio movie with a black hero at the center since 1998’s Blade, would represent… An opportunity to tell a story about black lives, which matter and are not defined by their pain but, instead, by their glory. An answer to a culture’s question, ‘When will it be our time in the sun?’”

“For children (and adults) of color who have longed forever to see a superhero who looks like them, Marvel's first black-superhero film is an answered prayer, a landmark adventure and a new film classic,” wrote Rolling Stone’s peter Travers.

Bryan Biship at The Verge said, “Not only is [the movie] a long-overdue embrace of diversity and representation, it’s a film that actually has something to say.”

Perhaps David Edelstein’s review in Vulture was the most to-the-point:

“The mix of Afrocentrism, feminism, and high-tech gadgetry is irresistible. Black Panther’s team is so wonderful that I hate to think of it being dulled by the mostly white-bread Avengers.”

Olive Pometsey in GQ wrote: “You don’t have to be a hardcore Twitter social justice warrior to notice that, for the most part, superheroes are white. In fact, in most cases, a mainstream film’s non-superhero is usually white. White protagonists save the day while people of colour act as sidekicks or play the drug-dealing villains. Up until recently, this is the picture that Hollywood has painted of society, but now, Marvel is relinquishing the power of white privilege and the world is about to witness a cinematic revolution.”

It's almost as if all of their minds were already made up before they screened the film.

The chatter on Twitter is going both ways: