Conservative Commentator Asks ABC to Apologize for Anti-Christian Bigotry

"I am sure the advertisers of The View will be just as appalled as I am."

Earlier this week, The View's Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin mocked Vice President Mike Pence's faith, calling it "dangerous" and comparing it to "mental illness." Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center, has written a letter to ABC asking for an apology to Christians for their bias. Not only did Bozell bring up the incident earlier this week, but he had a list of other times when ABC shows had trashed people of the Christian faith.

In the letter to James Goldston, President of ABC News, he said:

Apologize on behalf of ABC. Require Ms. Hostin and Ms. Behar as individuals to apologize. Bigotry against any group is hateful and ugly. Unfortunately, anti-Christian bigotry seems to be the last acceptable bigotry. A simple unqualified apology will go so far. Our country is so divided right now, why make things worse? By apologizing you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Make no mistake, the slurs against the Vice President’s faith insult millions of Christians and are unacceptable. If there are no on-air apologies after this deplorable episode, Christians will tune out ABC programming across the board. And we will do our best to encourage it.

Bozell says that, if he does not hear from ABC by Friday, he will encourage a boycott.