Colbert and San Juan Mayor Serve Up Some Fake News

"The not going to these black waters just because."

Ever since San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz got into a long-distance spat with President Donald Trump, the Left has been touting the virtues of the Puerto Rican politician every chance they get. On Friday, late-night talk show host — and rabid leftist — Stephen Colbert was no exception.

On her most recent national media tour, Cruz sat down with Colbert for the good ol’ spreading of some fake news:

COLBERT: This is the shot. This is the shot of you in, in the floodwaters.

YULIN CRUZ: That, that was water with human excrement—

COLBERT: —in it, down in, is this in San Juan?

YULIN CRUZ: That's in San Juan, in a place called Ocean Park.

In the video, the photo Colbert holds up portrays Cruz wading through rancid waters to take the hand of a man in a kayak, portraying Cruz as quite the virtuous and concerned politician, reaching out to assist someone in need. However, as reported by Newsbusters, the photo isn’t what it seems: in a very revealing video, the man in the boat — Roy Sanchez — explains how the photo came about:

“[Because she’s the mayor] she’s going to say, “No, no…we’re going in with cameras…She, as the mayor, is not going to get here, in these black waters just because.”

Sanchez describes how the shot was very manufactured, as cameramen searched for the perfect angle:

“I’m watching two video cameramen walking backwards and two photographers shooting photos, as I was walking by the curve. And she sees me, and I say, ‘No, no, no…’ She’s walking toward me diagonally, she’s about twenty feet from me, and I am paddling…The photographers keep walking, walking, walking, and the photo that you see from the photographer’s angle…She’s backwards, and I’m like…She walks towards me with her hand outstretched. Since I walked around here the day before, I know that there are trees on the floor, and I say, ‘Don’t come this way, there’s debris on the street.’ I have my hand outstretched, telling them, ‘No.’" 

Sanchez’s friend in the video, to whom he’s telling his story, laughs, saying:

“So you are not extending your hand to shake hers.”

Sanchez confirms:

“That’s right…She tells me, (Sanchez imitates a fake virtuous voice) ‘We are going to help you.’ And at that moment, a shower of photos erupted (he mimics a machine gun sound)!  And I’m like that…Ohhhhh!…I pushed away a little, with her hand, and I went home.”

The video indicates Cruz’s investment in expensive photographers in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, while the capital city was supposedly desperate for financial assistance, to document Cruz’s every move. This is corroborated by Puerto Rico’s Noticel, which confirms that the mayor hired four photographers at $12,000 each -- almost $50,000 -- per month, just after Maria's devastation.

This was the same woman who printed a shirt to wear on American television which read, "Help us -- we are dying." As it turns out, Cruz knew the left-wing media would latch on to her -- the helpless yet fearless leader who opposes Donald Trump. The left-wing mayor with a 24 approval rating was easily able to become a hero carried on the mainstream media's shoulders, as part of their desperate narrative against Donald J. Trump.