'Coexist' Street Artist Beaten By Muslims in Paris

Injuries: dislocated shoulder and multiple bruises

A French street artist known as Combo was beaten by a group of Muslims in Paris over his latest artwork that included a life-size photo of himself plastered to a brick wall next to the painted word "coexist," made up of religious symbols from Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

The four offended men confronted the artist and asked him to take it down. When he refused, they beat Combo, leaving him with a dislocated shoulder, multiple bruises, and a black eye. The incident was reported to take place in Porte Dorée, which is described as a ghetto east of Paris.

According to The Muslim Issue, Combo created the artwork in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. At one time, Combo's art reportedly would remain intact for at least three or four years, but lately it only takes two or three days to be vandalized. Combo blames the rise in extremism across France.

French media reported that the men were Muslim. Combo was reluctant to identify the men and said so in a Facebook post:

I am deliberately being vague about the description of these cowards and where it all happened. To me, it doesn’t matter where they come from, what colour their skin is, what their religion or their political ideas are. In this context, all they represent is stupidity and ignorance.

H/T Gateway Pundit