CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Trump's Alleged ‘Sh*thole’ Comment is Threat to National Security

“There’s a national security component to all of this."

On Thursday, CNN's Wolf Blitzer contended that President Trump's reported "sh*thole" comment during an Oval Office meeting serves as a possible threat to national security.

The blunt comment -- purportedly made during a discussion of immigration and concerning El Salvador, Haiti, and a few African nations -- has been substantial fodder for the Left as they continue their efforts to frame Trump as a racist. Blitzer believes the comment's ramifications are much more severe.

During a dialogue on the left-wing network concerning a Black Caucus resolution to censure the President over the alleged comment, Blitzer called the President's words "vulgar" and "vile." Furthermore, he claimed he had conferred with national security officials who noted their fear of "potential terrorists" being motivated by the President's language to attack the United States:

“There’s a national security component to all of this as well. National security officials have told me they’re concerned that these words, so widely publicized around the world, will be used by haters and potential terrorists out there to conspire against the United States.”

So, terrorists who otherwise wouldn't have risked their lives to cause harm to the U.S. will instead do so, based on an unproven report that the President made a comment in a private meeting which indicated the failures of a few governments in providing proper infrastructure for their citizens? According to Blitzer, absolutely. He cautioned:

"That's a serious problem, indeed."

Watch the video below: