CNN's Acosta: Trump's War Against the Press Ushering ‘Dead Journalists on the Highway

"I’ve been getting death threats just for asking a question."

Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta continues to humiliate himself and CNN, while brazenly contributing to the death of objective journalism. 

During an event Wednesday at Washington D.C.'s Newseum called "Journalism in the Trump Era," Acosta let loose his partisan, anti-Trump rage with political analyst April Ryan.

Jan Neuharth -- CEO of the Freedom Forum -- explained in her introduction:

"As we near the one year anniversary of the inauguration of President Donald Trump, we partner with the Committee to Protect Journalists to assess the state of press freedom in the United States. Last year, CPJ launched a new non-partisan website, to dedicated to documenting press freedom abuses across the United States. Led by the Committee to Protect Journalists, and Freedom of the Press Foundation, the site serves as a central suppository of data, at a time when journalists in the U.S. are facing increased hostility."

Riiight. So the "non-partisan" site just happened to be created at the beginning of Donald Trump's presidency? Why wasn't it established while Obama occupied the White House?

Furthermore, the CPJ announced that it was "abundantly clear" that the President "[was] doing serious damage to the U.S. standing globally, and embolden[ing] autocrats around the world."

Totally non-partisan.

Acosta and Ryan addressed questions from the moderator regarding the threat to democracy posed by Trump, with Acosta saying that he himself "absolutely [receives] death threats." Ryan seconded the remark, adding:

"It’s very real for some of us...For me it’s real. I’ve been getting death threats just for asking a question. A logical question...the FBI is on speed dial, so is the Secret Service and local police department."

Ryan's "logical question" was her inquiry of the President as to whether he was a racist, during a ceremony honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Acosta ratcheted up the stakes, referencing a book he'd seen which showed a T-shirt portraying a journalist, a tree, and a rope, with the caption "Some Assembly Required." Taking the shirt to be an indication of an impending epidemic of murder, he lamented:

"I remember seeing that t-shirt at Trump rallies, during the campaign. We have to get through our minds, that that is un-American. We don’t kill journalists in this country. The moment that that happens, the moment that there’s a dead journalist on the side of the highway, because of the rhetoric coming out of the White House from the President of the United States, is a day that we become something less than the United States of America. Full stop. End of story."

Despite Acosta's understanding that some Americans hate the press, he was evidently clueless as to why that could possibly be. Bias, perhaps? Not to him -- regarding his recent "sh*thole"-inspired question to Trump of whether he's (again) racist, Acosta doubled down, insisting that it was a "totally legitimate question." Losing his composure, he profanely demanded:

"G*ddammit, I’ll say it out loud, but it is our right, it is our duty, it is our role to ask the President of the United States if he’s a racist!" when did he ask that of Obama? Was it during Barack's labeling of his grandmother as "a typical white person?" Or perhaps over his endorsement of racist "friend and great leader...[his] pastor" Jeremiah Wright? Where was Acosta's sense of "duty" then?

The emotionally overwhelmed leftist couldn't calm down. “Let me just get this out of my system,” he fired.

"My belief is -- and it’s a strong belief -- is that the President of the United States, is acting in a way, that is simply unpresidential when it comes to deal with members of the press. We should not tolerate this and let me just say this, it is not right to call us the enemy of the people, it is not right to call us fake news, it is not right to retweet images of the president tackling reporters, running them over with trains, squashing them like a bug."

Ryan melodramatically and ridiculously confirmed:

“This is not China, this is not Russia, this is the United States of America!” 

Acosta then boasted:

“I’m sorry but when I got thrown out of the Oval Office or told to get out of the Oval Office, to me that is a badge of honor."

Despite the entire premise of the event, the seemingly oblivious Ryan marveled:

“There are people who literally take this in and think we are the enemy, like we’ve got some agenda against him."

Gee -- we wonder why.