CNN's Cuomo Fires Back At Jon Stewart

Says Comedy Central host "shouldn't pretend" he does the job of a journalist

CNN's Chris Cuomo, one of the hosts of New Day, fired back at Comedy Central's Jon Stewart after being criticized for his choice of words regarding the investigation into Malaysian flight MH17.

Cuomo, who traveled to Ukraine to report in-depth on the story of the downed Malaysian Airlines jet, asked Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) about the notion that Ukrainian forces had shot down the flight by asking if Rogers could "shoot that down, excuse the pun."

That choice of words led to Cuomo being featured in the Daily Show's "Moment of Zen" segment, which regularly features media gaffes.

Stewart was hardly the only one to note Cuomo's choice of words, though Cuomo seemed particularly bothered by the comedian's decision to feature his interview with Rogers.

In an interview with the Washington Post's Erik Wemple blog, Cuomo made a point of returning to the topic of Jon Stewart, whom he had previously said regularly ridiculed and lampooned mainstream media figures:

Later in the chat, Cuomo circled back to that comedian: “If it seems like I’m being disrespectful of Jon Stewart, it’s only because I am. He’s funny but he doesn’t do the job we do and he shouldn’t pretend he does.”