CNN's Camerota Hails Gullible 'Influential Voices' Pushing Gun Control

“Some of the survivors have become...these influential voices, right?"

On Wednesday morning, CNN's Alisyn Camerota appeared on location at the site of the February 14th Parkland, Florida school massacre. From a parking lot, the New Day host interviewed surviving students who have become pawns of the left-wing media, espousing gun control to Camerota's delight.

Of course, there is no reason to believe a few more gun control laws would have prevented a disturbed teenager with murderous intent from finding a means to kill students at his formerly-attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Furthermore, the school, local law enforcement, and the FBI failed to thoroughly pursue previous complaints and warning signs related to the shooter. Nevertheless, the media have a singular narrative in mind, and they have relentlessly exploited the tragedy and its immature victims in order to push their left-wing gun control agenda.

On February 27th, the school reopened, with Camerota giddily delivering -- with teenage verbiage, no less -- a fawning introduction before interviewing a couple of the young gun control advocates, siblings David and Lauren Hogg:

“Some of the survivors have become, as we know, these influential voices, right? These activated voices. These teenagers didn’t think that they were going to turn into a movement but they have turned into a movement and they have ignited this entire national conversation about gun violence and gun control and what they want to see happen."

David Hogg was then given the air, at which point the naive 17-year old criticized the NRA, the GOP, and the idea of arming teachers:

“[Republicans] want to sell more guns, they want to work on behalf of the people that own them, which is the NRA, multiple different special interest groups. They want to sell more guns, they want to scare more people, get more guns sold so they can get re-elected. They want to scare the people and we don’t want to see that happen."

Republicans want to scare people? Is it not the Democrats -- in government and the media -- who are exploiting the frightening Parkland tragedy in order to accomplish their fear-based goal of support against the right to bear arms? The gullible teenager continued his attack -- with Camerota fawning -- additionally targeting Governor Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio, and President Trump, turning to the camera in an apparently rehearsed move for emphasis:

"Our politicians are cowards and they won't...gather the strength to stand up to the NRA like Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, or Donald Trump, where they won't stand up to the NRA and say, "You don't own me anymore and they rip off their shock collar."

Presumably not understanding the degree to which he is being used as a witless tool by Democrats, Hogg condescended toward conservatives in government:

"At this point, our politicians are like really stupid sharks that think that they have power, but honestly don't."

Feeling powerful when one is not would seem to more accurately describe Hogg. Having fueled that fire, Camerota began the segment with overwhelming praise:

" were the first student we talked to in the hours after this massacre...everyone remembers it because you sort of gripped the nation's attention because you were so clear-headed."

"Clear-headed," except where his own rights -- guaranteed by the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment -- are concerned.