CNN Trots Out Ice Cream Complaint About Trump Again

“Is there an actual journalist left at CNN?”

There are plenty of things to be concerned about in the United States, but how much ice cream the president eats isn’t one of them — unless you’re CNN.

In a recent op-ed by Jill Filipovic, President Trump’s proposal to — gasp — replace food stamps with actual food prompted the feminist writer to further obsess about Trump’s junk food habits.

According to Fox News, CNN quoted a line from the ninth paragraph of Filipovic’s story for their promotion:

One Twitter user criticized, “Is there an actual journalist left at CNN?”

No need to answer that question.

This isn’t surprising coming from a network that has spent entirely too much air time deciding if Trump should be indulging in ice cream and Diet Coke.

Keep up the good work, “facts first” CNN!