CNN Obsesses Over Trump's Diet Coke Consumption While NYC Under ISIS Attack

“You should be drinking water, not this.”

On Monday morning, America woke up to another ISIS attack in New York City. Meanwhile, over at CNN, the conversation turned to President Trump’s over-consumption of diet soda.



And that conversation carried over into the afternoon when anchor Brooke Baldwin brought out the big guns and displayed 12 actual Diet Coke cans — the amount attributed to Trump’s daily intake in a New York Times report. She also invited on Dr. Samantha Nazareth to explain “what happens to those who drink a dozen cans daily of the caramel-colored elixir.” The answer? Basically nothing, according to Nazareth, who said it might just make someone justify eating other sugary foods. 

That wasn’t the answer Baldwin was looking for, and she kept pressing for more details of what might happen if someone is drinking diet soda and eating McDonalds as part of a regular diet like Trump does. The doctor simply stated, “You should be drinking water, not this.”

CNN’s online edition satisfied any critics by pointing to "some research" that shows how diet soda could increase type 2 diabetes and could lead to strokes and dementia. Maybe that’s what Baldwin wanted to hear when she was asking Nazareth how Diet Coke affected the brain.

Conservative Twitter ripped CNN for focusing on the wrong thing: