CNN Posts SPLC Hate Map that has Provoked Violent Attacks Against Conservatives

Wow, CNN.

As TruthRevolt reported on Thursday, CNN published a map of Confederate monuments compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center and announced on Twitter, “Here’s where to find them.” That sure makes them a lot easier to locate and for Antifa to tear them down. But also on Thursday, CNN provided the SPLC’s hate group map, identifying hate groups all across America which just so happens to include Christian churches which don’t support same-sex marriage. It’s also the same map that has been used at least once by a violent leftist to identify a conservative group and carry out an attack.

In 2012, Floyd Lee Corkins III stormed the Christian organization Family Research Council with a gun and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches he planned to smear in the faces of his victims. Thankfully, he only wounded a security guard before being disarmed. When asked how he targeted the FRC, Corkins said he used SPLC’s hate group map.

CNN initially covered the map like so, according to Newsbusters:

On August 17, CNN published a story with the headline: “Here Are All The Active Hate Groups Where You Live.” Was it a concise list of Nazi groups? No. It was the SPLC “hate map” and the “917 hate groups” that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) designated as dangerous. The post was just SPLC’s regurgitated map and list, given without comment, context or qualification.

The orignal piece advised readers, “Scroll down to see the hate groups that operate out of your state.”

Now there’s an editor’s note on the piece with clarification that the map is from the SPLC:

The headline on this story has been changed to more closely align with the content of the piece, which clearly indicates that the data on hate groups is from the Southern Poverty Law Center. This story has also been updated to provide direct links to the full list from the SPLC as opposed to publishing the entire list here.

But still, CNN reporter Dakin Andone equates Christian groups with racist hate groups:

“Some are classified as anti-LGBT groups, and some are black separatists, who don't believe in interracial marriage and want a nation only for black people.”

Because the “FBI doesn’t keep track of domestic hate groups,” Andone writes, “the SPLC’s tally is the widely accepted one.”

So, take it at face value and don’t bother checking into it, huh, Andone?

It could be argued that the SPLC inspired James Hodgkinson to shoot Steve Scalise when he opened fire on congressional Republicans earlier this year. Though no direct connection has been made, Scalise has been a prime target for the SPLC for years.

Contrary to the hype in the media that white nationalists are taking over America, black separatists make up the largest percentage of hate groups in the U.S., above the KKK, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates, and skinheads. But isn’t it wild that the smallest group of the bunch, those of the “Christian Identity,” was targeted by Corkins and his “anti-gay” chicken sandwiches?

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