After Charlottesville, UK Leftists Want to Tear Down Admiral Nelson’s Column

Leftists and Islamists share compulsive urge to tear down monuments, wipe out history.

As the Left’s campaign to destroy Confederate monuments gathers pace in the US, the leftists in Britain too want to “tear down monuments to the supporters of slavery” in the country. The left-wing activists are taking aim at Nelson’s Column, built in the memory of the famous nineteenth-century naval commander Admiral Horatio Nelson, located at Trafalgar Square in central London.

Writing for the U.K.’s liberal newspaper The Guardian, Afua Hirsch, who is spearheading this campaign, called the famous son of Britain and arguably the history’s finest naval hero a “white supremacist” and an enabler of the “transatlantic slave trade.”

British politician Nigel Farage slammed The Guardian for propagating this leftist lunacy. “Shocking that The Guardian are encouraging this. The left really do hate Britain,” Farage said.

“Calls to destroy Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square in the wake of the Charlottesville riots has sparked outrage,” British newspaper Daily Express reported:

Violent protests broke out in Virginia last week in an angry dispute over the removal of a statue of confederate figure General Lee. [...]

Now statues across the world could see the same fate - with London’s monument to Lord Nelson which towers over Trafalgar Square being the latest to face calls for the chop. [...]

In an opinion piece on the Guardian website, columnist Afua Hirsch argued it “is figures like Nelson who immediately sing to mind” when hearing the latest about the 700-odd confederate statues which have been pulled down in the US.

She wrote that while the reaction in Britain to the Charlottesville incident is “almost entirely condemnatory of neo-Nazis in the US”, the “colonial and pro-slavery titans of British history are still memorialised” in the UK.

The leftist fury in the UK isn’t limited to Admiral Nelson alone. Last year, a group of self-styled ‘anti-colonialism’ activists protested at the University of Oxford calling for the removal of the statue of Cecil Rhodes, a Victorian-era industrialist. The campaign against Confederate monuments in the US could revive the leftist fringe in Britain as well.

The Left shares the compulsive desire to smash historic artefacts with their Islamist fellow travellers. In 2001, the Taliban in Afghanistan blasted the Buddha statues at Bamiyan. The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra met the same fate at the hands of the Islamic State. Just like the Islamists, the Left also wants to create a new social order by wiping out the past.