CNN Features Corrupt Cop, Largely Ignores Slain Officer

Eschewing news for political narrative...

CNN hasn’t had much to say about the police officer who was fatally shot in Baltimore last week. Detective Sean Suiter — an 18-year veteran of the force and a father of two — has gotten very little notice from the left-wing news network. However, as always, the channel is happy to broadcast derision against officers of the peace.  

As reported by Newsbusters, a prime of example of CNN’s preference for anti-cop stories can be found on its flagship morning show New Day. As of Sunday, since news of Suiter’s slaying broke early Thursday morning, only two mentions of the murder had been made on the program, totaling at barely a minute of air time. By contrast, Saturday’s edition featured a three-minute report on a Chicago cop whose corruption is calling for the release of prisoners who he may have framed.  

Beyond New Day, CNN hasn’t had much time for Suiter in general. According to Nexis, the only other mention of the murder on the network at all was made between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., during Thursday and Friday’s broadcast of the 24-hour news giant’s Early Start. On New Day, Suiter’s story was given only 19 seconds of time until the Saturday show, which devoted about 40 seconds to the murder.    

Other networks made Suiter’s murder a top story: both NBC’s Today and NBC Nightly News ran full reports on Thursday. CBS aired a brief on Friday; CBS Evening News dedicated a full report on Friday, preceded by a brief on Thursday. ABC’s World News Tonight and Good Morning America gave their attention to Suiter, with the latter adding a story of a slain officer in Pittsburgh. Fox and Friends offered considerable coverage, with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning briefs, as well as a featured segment on Friday addressing the Pittsburgh murder as well, complimented by a former Secret Service agent lending commentary.

There is a reason CNN became known as the "Clinton News Network" and "Communist News Network": it isn’t interested nearly as much in news as political maneuvering. Its leftist agenda supersedes a balanced presentation of the news of the day. Thankfully, in the case of the murder of Detective Sean Suiter, the other networks picked up CNN’s slack.