Church Sign in New York Wards Off Potential Shooters: ‘Not a Gun Free Zone

Bibles and bullets.

A church in Mexico, New York, is sending a strong message to any would-be shooters looking to launch an attack on another house of God: "We are not a gun free zone.”

Ronald Russell, who is the pastor of Lighthouse Mexico Church of God, even includes a personal message on the church’s website which reads: “We are NOT a ‘Gun free zone’ — we protect our people!”

Pastor Russell instituted an open-carry sanctuary in 2015 after Dylann Roof snuck a gun into a Bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and killed nine parishioners. And now the pastor hopes the sign out in front of his church lets everyone know that the massacre that happened at the Sutherland Springs Baptist church in Texas isn’t going to happen on his watch. Russell was a guest on Fox News and said:

“We’ve noticed in times past, ever since Sandy Hook, that these individuals — whether it's in Sandy Hook, whether it's in San Bernardino — people like to go to gun-free zones to shoot ‘em up. And we're just putting out a warning that we believe in the Second Amendment, and we do carry, and it's not going to happen in our church.”

Russell reiterated that seconds count during a mass shooting and if the police are responding, something has already happened and it’s up to “a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun."

In addition to allowing guns in the church, Russell has also trained the women of his church in self-defense after a young woman in the congregation was assaulted.

This man is taking care of his flock, ensuring their temporal and eternal security.

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