Student Survivor Who Shielded Classmates Wishes Teachers Had Been Armed

We all do.

Colton Haab should be a name we all remember above the Florida high school shooter. That’s because he helped protect his classmates during the shooting and is speaking out about arming teachers to stop future incidents.

Haab, an 11th grader at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is a second lieutenant in the school’s JROTC program. When he heard gunshots ring out on campus, Haab leapt to action and helped gather nearly 90 students into a training room for the JROTC. He and some other members draped their classmates in the Kevlar sheets they normally use as a backdrop for target practice with their pellet rifles. Luckily, the shooter never came near this room.

But that hasn’t stopped Haab and his JROTC buddies from being rightly hailed as heroes. However, in a recent interview with Fox News, Haab talked about another hero who wasn’t so lucky.

Coach Aaron Feis was shot to death as he used his body to shield students from flying bullets. He was one of the first to be told about the shooting and after taking one student to safety, he ran back into the school to help others. Haab said Feis could’ve potentially stopped the massacre if he was able to carry his weapon on campus:

"If coach Feis had had his firearm in school that day, I believe that he could have most likely stopped the threat."

Arming teachers and training them to protect their classes could be a “big beneficial factor into school safety,” Haab added.

Haab also thanked the NRA for its donations to the school’s JROTC program because the equipment purchased was used to protect students. However, he did say “a little bit more” gun control is necessary, but knows that won’t happen very quickly.



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