Chuck Todd Sort of Admits Press Goes 'Overboard' with Political Correctness

We'll take it because that may be all we get.

NBC commentators Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell were discussing so-called controversial comments by the governor of Maine when Todd accidentally slipped that the press might "go overboard" sometimes when politicians say politically incorrect things.

Not that Mitchell wanted to place what Gov. Paul LePage said under the label of political correctness -- she makes that clear in the clip saying it's just a "new buzzword" (what?) -- but the question remained: Should LePage's comments about out-of-state drug dealers impregnating "young white women" be denounced by Gov. Chris Christie whose presidential bid LePage supports?

After playing a clip of the Maine governor's press conference, Mitchell asked Todd, "Does Christie have to disavow Gov. LePage?"

Todd responded, "In this environment? In this culture?" Then added:

I think sometimes we in the press can go overboard in saying, "You, Candidate X, have to be held accountable for what Supporter Y said." 

However, Todd did indicate that maybe a retraction by Christie is in order since LePage is a sitting governor and the two are considered "brothers-in-arms." 

Both Todd and Mitchell were visibly agitated by LePage's comments in the clip that played, in which he did NOT apologize for his choice of words. Instead, he used the moment to slap the self-righteous media:

Am I perfect? No. Do I want to be perfect? No, because if I was perfect, I'd be a reporter!

Watch below:



“His explanation is terrible.” Chuck Todd comments after Gov. Paul LePage, a Chris Christie supporter, explains why he said out-of-state drug dealers impregnate "young white" girls during a discussion of Maine's heroin epidemic. #MTPDaily

Posted by Meet the Press on Friday, January 8, 2016