Chuck Caves on #SchumerShutdown

"Can someone clearly state what exactly Chuck Schumer extracted from McConnell by shutting down the government?"

Democrats, led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), tried to claim victory at the end of the short-lived government shutdown, but no one was buying it. Schumer took to the floor of the Senate and to Twitter to claim that the Democrats agreeing to end the shutdown and re-open the government was because the Republicans had agreed to discuss the fate of the Dreamers, children of illegal immigrants, in February.

"We will vote today to reopen the government, to continue negotiating a global agreement, with the commitment that, if an agreement is not reached by Feb 8th, the Senate will immediately proceed to consideration of legislation dealing with DACA. The process will be neutral & fair," Schumer wrote on Twitter.

Except the Republicans had already agreed to deal with this issue next month, leading CNN's Political Director David Chalian to ask a pointed question on Twitter.

Chalian was not alone in pointing out that Schumer had caved. Kristen Gillibrand, the junior Senator from New York, blasted the move that her colleague Schumer had just made.

Shaun King, a controversial leader of the Black Lives Matters group, also blasted Democrats for what he deemed a sellout of "Dreamers":

Looks like Democrats not only lost the air war when it comes to the shutdown, they lost their own activists.