Chris Matthews: Only Birthers Don't Like Obama

One of the only two segments where Chris Matthews strayed from talking about Gov. Chris Christie and "Bridgegate" was spent wondering, along with Sam Stein and Dana Milbank, why Republicans are so upset about President Obama's use of executive orders. 

Saying there used to be days in the 1950's when politicians were stirring up a "red scare" and then days of scandal and corrupt politicians but Matthews was shocked at Republicans alleged animosity and unwillingness to work with President Obama. Chris Matthews wondered if certain members of Congress do not want to work with President Obama on his policies because of "second term birtherism." 

Of course Matthews cannot comprehend people disagreeing with Obama over his liberal policies. For him, it's always about where Obama was or was not born or the color of his skin. While talking about GOP opposition to Obama's executive orders, Milbank made the point that he has signed less executive orders than George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan. 

Lumping all "birthers" and Republicans into the same group Matthews said to Stein,

Why do they have to insist on this most primitive approach to Obama, which is, he's not really president. And I'm not making this up!

He then claimed "they" do not want to say President Obama was legitimately elected because they do not want to have to answer to their racist constituents that they think he was legitimately elected. He then asked Stein,

Is that to primitive to say that that's where they're at? That they don't want to accept him as president! Let alone his executive orders!

Stein called Matthews' comments an "over generalization." Matthews took issue with that and then asked Stein how many guests he could book who would not answer whether President Obama was legitimate or not. Stein commented he could not answer that without talking to the Hardball bookers and then tried to make a point when Chris interrupted saying,

I'm always amazed by the way, my answer, I'm always amazed at the number of them who jump up and say, "I'm not gonna say he's legitimate!" 

Matthews then promptly ended the segment.