Christian Rapper to Macklemore: You Holla' Hate

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' gay anthem "Same Love," which was performed at the Grammys to accompany a mass gay wedding, has received a makeover by Christian Rapper Bizzle. 

Bizzle, a Houston-based Christian rapper, responded by covering "Same Love" and altering the lyrics to reflect his Biblical beliefs. In his version, Bizzle refutes the co-opting of the civil rights movement of the 60s with todays gay rights activists. Yet he assures the listener that his stance is rooted in love and his disagreement with the homosexual lifestyle is not based on hatred.

Bizzle is offering the song as a free download at his website With close to 70,000 views on his YouTube page at the time of writing, Bizzle's cover has a pretty mixed love/hate response from commenters. He will not be making many new friends on the left because of this song -- the left does not always show what you might call the 'same love' for people who believe differently than they.

Here are Bizzle's lyrics:

It's funny how the media portrays things
They really pushing hard for this gay thing
And it's so wicked how they manipulate things
Can't even disagree without them making it a hate thing

I say you wrong, and you holla hate instantly
But you say we the ones who don't tolerate differences
There's a whole lot of things I could say really
But, see your hypocrisy is something I could paint vividly

Saying, it's the way you was born, and I'm sure that
You lust just like I do just in a different form
But I'm married so if I give into mine, I'm a cheater
If you give into yours, you just fight to make it legal

You rather fight God, than fight sin
The Bible is alright, until it calls what you like sin
And I feel so disrespected that you were so desperate
You would compare your sexual habits to my skin (What?!?)

Calling it the new black
Tell me where they do that
They hung us like tree ornaments, where were you at?
They burned us for entertainment, you go through that? (Huh?!?)

Mom's raped in front of they kids, while they shoot dad
Ever been murdered just for trying to learn how to read bro? (Nope.)
A show of hands?
I ain't think so

So, quit comparing the two
It ain't the same fight
You can play straight, we can never play white

Using black people as pawns for yo' agenda
And these sell out rappers'll do whatever you tell em'
Skirts on stages, campaigning for that black vote
Afraid to be blackballed, so they play that role

You were never oppressed, the devil was a liar
The only thing oppressed was yo sexual desire
Keeping yo' desires oppressed is so lame to you
But when you get married, that's what you expect yo' mate to do (Right?!?)

It angers you, if I compare you to a pedophile
Cuz' he sick right?
And you're better how?
(Man, I ain't choose this.)
You think he chose that?
(But, I was born this.)
Well, prove he wasn't born that

But, you were never a girl
He was once nine
So at one time in his life, it was just fine

What makes your loss right?
I'm not buying it
So, put him in that same trash can, you threw that bible in (It outdated)

See how that cycle is? (See?)
Nobody wants to repent of they evil
So, we all try justifying it (We all do)

And you say it's about rights, but you lying tho
Domestic partnerships gave you rights a long time ago
God created marriage, when he did, he defined it tho
So why is it you want we He created, but deny Him tho?

It's not wicked enough, switching the definition
You want it done by a Christian in a church he worships in
And that rainbow you using as a gay pride symbol (you stole that)
It represents a covenant with God if you didn't know
Check Genesis 9:13 for the info
Homie, the war is spiritual, you don't know what you in fo'

I ain't sayin' yo' sins worse, but it is sin tho
The Lord took the punishment for it all on Him tho (Praise God)
We just gotta repent tho
The problem is if you don't call it sin, then
You walk as if it was nothing to repent for

Let's recap:
We all wicked and desire sin
But imagine a world where no one kept there desires in

If something was called right simply cuz' we desired it
When yo' right goes against my right, who's right would win

As for being born a way
I should never see y'all
Ever see use a word like retard (Nope)
To describe someone who was born a little differently than we are (It's normal)
I guess down syndrome really isn't a thing y'all

What do we call yo' syndrome?
Oh, that term is offensive now when it hits home (Oh!)
So, what gives you the right to call the way he was born a defect?
I call yours a defect, you feel it's disrespect

You don't believe in God
Hey, the universe says if we all gay we either die off or have to do it God's way
And God loves you no matter what you struggle with (He does)
At least struggle tho, don't just give up and quit

Forget how you were born
We were all born in sin
But Christ died for your sin
You can be born again (Praise God for forgiveness, y'all)
We were all born in sin
But Christ died so that we can be born again (Hallelujah!)

And I never want to act like
All gay people are the same 'cause that's ignorant
But at the same time
What I won't allow you to do
Is paint this beautiful picture

Like we don't have people from the LGBT community out here
Running up in churches disrupting services
Kissing on the pulpit
Out here attacking old ladies
Throwing crosses down and stomping em'
Violently assaulting people

So don't take my most aggressive lines that you know
Or to that group and try to apply it to the friendliest
Lovingest gay person because that's not the case

And to that struggling Christian right now
Struggling with homosexuality
Fight the good fight soldier
No matter what anybody says

We all have different desires
We all are drawn toward different sin
And my desire might not be your desire
But I have a desire that's just as strong for another sin

And I have to fight it day in and day out
And sometimes I win and sometimes I lose
Sometimes I stand and sometimes I fall
But fight the good fight
God is worth it
God bless you
No hate about it
I love you