Chicago Black Grassroots Group to Obama: Just Quit!

"Because if this what you call helping us, then stop helping us.”

After the State of the Union speech on Tuesday, Rebel Pundit conducted an interview with a group of black activists in Chicago -- the Chicago Black Grassroots. Their reactions to the president's palaver are surprising, considering Chicago is made up of mostly Democrats and it's the state where Obama was once a senator. The bottom line: They're fed up with the president.

Here are some of the reactions from the different people interviewed after the SOTU:

What it did was solidify our expectation, which is very low of this president because of his actions, and the fact that what he did was confirm the lack of involvement, the lack of concern for our community. He doesn't care.

He has been more hurtful to the black race than he has been helpful.

Mr. President, you know, we’d probably be better off with you cutting your presidency off right now. Just quit! Because if this what you call helping us, then stop helping us.

This State of the Union was the same old, same old - a bunch of talk and rhetoric to give faith to a dying economy in America. And the reason why our economy is dying [is] because the president's approach, as always, is to place blame on the corporate world, to place blame on the rich. The blame is equal. It's not the one percent's problem. It's not a 99% problem. It's an American problem. And the problem is patronage, nepotism and cronyism.

I have a graduate's degree and I've been unemployed for four years. What's going to happen if he raises the minimum wage? How is it going to effect me? How am I going to get a job out of that?

We might as well had a cup of cocoa after he got through because we didn't get nothing out of this but another real fuzzy, warm, you know, beautiful statement and the powers that be get up and go eat, while we go home hungry again.

You've done a grave disservice to us. Just go ahead and step down. You can't turn this around.

It is our job to hold all elected officials true to the constitutional values that they say they represent.

And there it is - from the mouths of We the People.