Chris Matthews Laments Being ‘Too Tough’ on Bill Clinton: ‘He Went Through Hell’

Wait, what about his victims?

Wait, what about his victims?

On his Hardball program over the weekend, MSNBC host Chris Matthews made apologies that he was “too tough” on President Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and feels bad that the groper-in-chief “went through hell” because of it.

Matthews believes that enough time has passed and that Clinton should be off-limits amid all of the recent sexual abuse allegations flying around. Speaking to NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, Matthews argued:

“Stephanie, Bill Clinton was impeached, he wasn't convicted, but he had to be tried before the United States Senate. Everybody this side of the world, in fact, all around the world, knew what he was involved with a young employee and former intern in her early 20s and he was president of the United States. We all knew the situation. We all pretty much knew the Starr report, even the too-much-information-part of it. We do know what happened. We knew that the president wasn't honest in his grand jury testimony, we know all that. What more needs to be said about that, at this point, all these years later?”

Ah, the old Hillary Clinton defense of, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Ruhle blamed the media for portraying Lewinsky as a villain instead of a victim and how it was called “The Lewinsky Scandal,” not “The Clinton scandal.”

Matthews was immediately unnerved that Ruhle went down this path of more criticism and began interjecting how he was tougher than anyone “center-Left” on Bill Clinton.

“I sometimes think I was too tough on him,” Matthews regretted.

Ruhle looked a bit confused by Matthews’ victim-shaming and his rush to defend Clinton and reminded him that Lewinsky was “practically run out of town.” 

“The world accepted the Clintons,” she added. “They were among the most powerful people in the Democratic Party. We all accepted it.”

But now, in this day and age, Ruhle believes that President Clinton should’ve stepped down from office. She told Matthews how instances of sexual misconduct need to be blown wide open from here on out, unlike swept under the rug in the years before.

Matthews asked Ruhle not “to argue” with him and doubled down his repentance over his treatment of the former president, who “went through hell on this:”

“I’m just trying to say that Bill Clinton, who I was very tough on, went through hell on this."

Matthews asked to be told how Clinton “escape[d] judgment.” Ruhle said:

“He didn't escape judgment. It was just a different time. People judged Bill Clinton. But over year after year, we accepted — I mean, Bill Clinton was a womanizer for years, and we accepted it. And now which Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to say, maybe we shouldn't have.”

Matthews ended the segment saying, “I’m trying to make up for the fact that I think I was too tough on Clinton.”

Newsbusters has the revolting clip:


Of course, Matthews has felt bad about his treatment of Clinton for some time. Back in 2014, the MSNBC host praised Hillary’s husband for being a good boy since leaving office:

“We know he likes hamburgers, he likes girls! He's behaved very well over the last 15 or 20 years. He hasn't been an embarrassment ever since the impeachment exercise.  He's been a good public official a great ex-president…

“He likes being famous, likes having been president, likes having people come up to him and tell him they like him. So what's new, pussycat?”