Childish Jim Acosta Can't Control Himself, Shouts Suggestive Question at Trump

What a fake news crybaby.

CNN’s Jim Acosta has been openly sparring with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders which resulted in Sanders giving him a warning to lay off the shenanigans when President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act on Tuesday. Acosta, of course, ignored that directive and shouted an immature question during the serious moment.

Acosta's accosting was fueled by Democratic criticism of Trump for allegedly “slut-shaming” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) in a tweet, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren suggested. Although, as Sanders pointed out, you’d have to have your “mind in the gutter” to conclude that. Trump said Gillibrand used to regularly visit his office “‘begging’ for campaign contributions… (and would do anything for them).” 

Acosta’s mind was obviously in the gutter when he threw this out like a pubescent school boy:

“Mr. President, what did you mean when you said that Kirsten Gillibrand would do anything for a campaign contribution?”

Trump ignored the question, while surrounded by his defense team.

Later, Acosta said on Twitter that Sanders had “issued a warning” to him about overstepping boundaries at the bill signing. Sanders warned that if he was out of line, “I can’t promise you will be allowed into a pool spray again.”

A defiant Acosta responded, “Sorry Sarah… we won’t be intimidated.” Nor will he have any class.

Watch below: