Cher Offers Home as ‘Sanctuary’ to Dreamers, But Not Hurricane Victims

She only wants those gypsies, tramps, and thieves.

Cher announced on Twitter that she would be more than willing to open her home to Dreamers to “protect them” from deportation after President Trump moved on ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. She did not, however, offer the same hospitality to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Here’s Cher’s “sanctuary” tweet for non-Texans:

Some questioned if her offer was even legal, seeing as she would be harboring illegal aliens. Cher also invoked President Ronald Reagan’s “sweeping Amnesty Bill” from 1986 to suggest Republicans should do the same, while inferring that was a time when Congress actually “worked.”

Cher rightly noted the 2.7 million illegals in the country Reagan's bill was aimed at that time, yet simultaneously forgot there’s over five times as many now.

So, which homes will you open for them, Cher? The one in Malibu or Beverly Hills, perhaps? According to CBS News, she’s sold several of her properties over the years. Does she even have enough room?

Well, if she moved to Canada like she promised to do when Donald Trump was elected, there’d at least be room for one more Dreamer. But we don’t see that happening.