Chelsea Clinton: We Need People to "Rise Up"

If you're having trouble rising up, just have the concierge service ring you at the desired time.

Variety's fawning interview with nepotism poster child Chelsea Clinton just keeps on giving. In the above clip, she talks about which newspapers she reads, her social media habits, what her baby eats, and what she thinks of the new movie Logan. She also talked about how her mother is the one who taught her some very important life lessons:

“The best advice I ever received is from my mom. Maybe it isn’t so much advice, as just the example that she set for me growing up, where I certainly always saw her work hard, but I never doubted I was the most important person in her life. When my mom traveled, she would leave me a note for every day that she was gone.”

Wow, that's hands-on parenting. Isn't it interesting that Chelsea believed she was the most important person in her mother's life... not, I don't know, her father? Or Saul Alinsky?

At the end of the nauseatingly long and flattering video, she talks about the importance of "rising up." Yes, she did... and she did it with a straight face.

In the context of her love for the Broadway sensation Hamilton created by Lin Manuel Miranda, she said, "Hamilton is a challenge to anyone who believes this is not the moment... Whether you want to share your voice on stage or Twitter or on the streets, we need everyone to rise up."

Photo Credit: Screen Shot from the Variety Interview