CBS Promotes Bizarre Claim Against Gun Maker for Mass Murder Marketing

“Suppose Ford...showed somebody having just completed a massacre."

In the wake of a shooting in California, as well as the discovery of another victim of a Florida serial killer, Tuesday was described by CBS Evening News as a day of national gun violence. Presented as a reasonable tie-in during the program was a lawsuit by relatives of victims of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, bizarrely charging that the Remington Arms company targets mass murderers in its marketing. Anchor Anthony Mason explained:  

“Families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims -- 20 first graders and six adults -- are taking their battle against gun violence to the courtroom. Today, they asked Connecticut's highest court to reinstate their lawsuit against the maker of the gun that killed their loved ones.”

Reporter Don Dahler began the story with a video of Josh Koskoff, an attorney for the families, speaking before a judge:

“Remington may never have known [the shooter], but they had been courting him for years.”

Dahler seemed to agree with Koskoff’s claims:

“Remington Arms' own advertising for the Bushmaster AR-15 type rifle used images and phrases like, ‘Forces of opposition, bow down,’ and ‘consider your man card reissued.’”

How any of this could possibly be construed as marketing to mass murderers was unclear. James Vogts, lawyer for Remington, maintained that the company was not responsible for the mentally ill shooter’s actions.

As for the families themselves, interviewed in the piece was Nicole Hockley, who said the suit was not about gun control. “This is about sales and marketing practices,” she told Dahler. “This isn’t saying we’re going to take any guns away.” Nevertheless, unmentioned in the story was the fact that Hockley is the founder and managing director of Sandy Hook Promise, a gun control organization.

Then, in an attempt to explain Remington's culpability in the massacre, Hockley — and CBS by association — ventured into completely insane territory:

“Suppose Ford advertised (a) truck -- they showed -- they said, ‘Buy our truck,’ and they showed somebody having just completed a massacre by rolling over a bunch of people. Would anybody hesitate to say that Ford should be responsible for that kind of thing?”

What in the world?

With a straight face, Dahler summarized:

“If the families win this appeal, the suit is reinstated and discovery begins, wherein the attorneys have access to internal documents as well as marketing strategies.”

The mainstream media’s anti-gun crusade is ongoing and fierce. They will be deterred neither by common sense nor facts — such as the reality that Sandy Hook’s murderer stole his guns from his mother — his choice of weapons was not based on advertisement. CBS Evening News can’t concern itself with this detail, however; it’s too busy entertaining a ridiculous idea by those who are attempting political maneuvers in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy.