Gun-Toting Florida Dad Thwarts Daughter's Kidnapping

"Today would have probably been our funerals."

Among all the stories the leftist, mainstream media is currently using to push its gun confiscation agenda, one recent news item disrupts their anti-gun narrative. It involves a man, his daughter, a group of hoodlums, and weaponry. But in this tale of gunplay, things didn’t go the way the Left prefers — a good guy with a gun saved the day.

On November 7th, four armed teens planned to abduct 17-year-old Floridian Amber Brackney. Their intention was to kidnap the teenager on her way home from her evening job as a waitress, and then go to her house where they would subdue and rob her parents.

As part of the plan, the assailants placed barrels and garbage cans in the road near the Brackney home, so she would exit her vehicle. However, she called her father, 51-year-old Terry, who told her to drive around the obstacles. She did just that, reaching her home safely.  

Later in the night — after Amber had gone to bed — motion-activated floodlights turned on, and the family dogs were barking in the direction of the garage. Terry went to investigate, armed with his loaded Glock. Brackney discovered the four would-be robbers — armed, unbeknownst to him, with guns and a knife — in his garage. He responded with force.

No doubt to the horror of left-wing news reporters everywhere, when the armed dad fired three shots from his legally-purchased firearm, the four criminals dropped their weapons and ran for their lives. 

Police promptly stopped a white 2016 Jeep Liberty on a nearby highway, arresting the four delinquents. Brackney was shocked to discover that he knew three of the teens involved. When authorities arrived and uncovered the weapons, it stunned Brackney:  

"At that point is when I got scared, because I knew then that what was going to happen wasn't going to end up pretty had they ended up in my home.”

But a gun saved their lives. Brackney soberly added:

"Saturday night, Amber and I were eating supper, and we really haven't talked that much about this, but I told her at supper Saturday night, I said, 'You know, had these individuals made it inside our house,'...I said, 'Today would have probably been our funerals.’"

For all the media’s insistence that guns are tools of evil, most Americans know the value of the protection they afford. Terry Brackney and his daughter know it. But their story is unlikely to faze those on the left who are intent upon taking away his right to save himself next time around. Still, those left-wing enemies of liberty will hopefully be forced to retreat, deterred by the Constitution, like four thugs deterred by a good guy with a gun.