CBS News Can’t Let Go, Posts ‘Romantic Photos’ of Barack and Michelle Obama

We eagerly await the slideshow celebrating Donald and Melania’s love affair.

CBS News is finding it hard to let go of the former president and first lady.

On Facebook on Friday, CBS promoted a 41-picture slideshow of the romance between Barack and Michelle Obama with this saccharine sweet collection of its own drool:

Can you say, “Relationship goals?” Um, can you say, “Media bias?”

No word from CBS News as to when their romantic slideshow celebrating Donald and Melania Trump will be ready.

Instead, CBS News has also offered a “Hilarious Trump memes” slideshow that poked a lot of fun at President 45 — his hair, the first lady... and his hair. 

But before you get the idea that they would never do this to Obama, they did, just before he left office with “Hilarious Obama memes.” But here’s the catch — the slideshow was full of positive memes about the “bromance” between Obama and Joe Biden. The only negatives in the slideshow were potshots aimed at Trump and his wife.

See how this works?