CBS This Morning: Trump Aggressive Toward Crime Only if Committed by Immigrants

"After mass shootings, the White House tendency has been to say, ‘Wait, gather facts.’"

On Friday, CBS This Morning's Major Garrett leveled a preposterous allegation against President Trump, asserting that the Commander-in-Chief cares about crime only when it's committed by an immigrant.

Of course, despite the rampant and ridiculous claims of the Left, Donald Trump loves immigrants so much that he married one. And another. Nevertheless, the left-wing media has a fraudulent, anti-Republican narrative to which it must adhere. Therefore, Garret outrageously claimed:

"A pattern is emerging with President Trump and high profile crimes. When they are committed by immigrants, legal or otherwise, there are rapid calls for new and restrictive policies. After mass shootings, the White House tendency has been to say, ‘Wait, gather facts.’"

Wow. To which high-profile crimes was Garrett referring, regarding any "legal" immigrants? That word seemed to be placed there merely as political misdirection.

Garrett continued toward his intention of linking Trump's indecency with Wednesday's Parkland, Florida school shooting, additionally accusing Trump of putting America at risk with Obama-nullifying legislation which would allow the mentally insane to acquire firearms:

"In February of last year, Mr. Trump signed a bill killing an Obama-era regulation which allowed the Social Security Administration to provide information on severely mentally disabled people to the National Background Check Database."

Unsurprisingly, Garrett's description of the bill was wholly misleading. In actuality, as indicated by National Review's Charles C.W. Cooke in February of last year:

"The rule would have allowed bureaucrats within one of our federal agencies to bar American citizens from exercising a constitutional right — and on the highly questionable grounds that to be incapable of managing one’s finances is, by definition, to be a 'mental defective.'”

Not only does that explanation reveal Trump's wisdom in signing the legislation; it also exposes the poorly thought-out decision by Obama to sign into law an unjust dictate of governmental overreach. Sadly, because of the network's persistent leftist agenda, those tuning into CBS for the facts got just the opposite: a discerning man married to an immigrant was presented instead as a callous fool filled with hate for those unlike himself.