CAIR Hands Out Anti-Islamophobia 'Pills' to People at Republican Convention

How about pills that immunize us against axe-attacks, truck rampages, and gunmen that scream "Allah'u Akbar!"?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has to get some free PR somehow. In June, TruthRevolt's Trey Sanchez reported that CAIR released a spoof "anti-Islamophobia" pill commercial.

Well, the purported civil rights organization's minions are now delivering the goods at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, handing out "pills" that cure Islamophobia (a "disease" CAIR made up, in fact). 

"Take two and call a Muslim in the morning." 

That's the labeling on CAIR's "Islamophobin" packages of chewing gum disguised as a panacea for Republican bigots. 

The "pill box" claims to alleviate "blind intolerance," an "irrational fear" of Muslims and "unthinking bigotry." What's more, it cures "U.S. presidential fear mongering."

The box's faux-warning label reads that the only side effect is that users will "spread love."

Of course this tongue-in-cheek gag would be fun if it were not coming from a group with known ties to Hamas, if the Republican Party did in fact stand for blind hatred and bigotry, and if there weren't abundant and ongoing demonstrable evidence that people's concerns about Islam are legitimate. 

We think CAIR should instead invent a pill that will immunize innocent people against axe-attacks, rogue truck rampages, lone-wolf suicide vests, and guns that scream "Allah'u Akbar!" before opening fire. 

(h/t: Washington Examiner)