Brandeis University President Condemns ‘Abhorrent’ Remarks on Faculty Listserv

Faculty members still allowed to educate the next generation

In a July 28th letter to faculty, Brandeis University president Fredrick Lawrence took a stance against a radical and anti-Semitic “Concerned” faculty listserv that TruthRevolt uncovered.

“I am writing to you today to address the issue of certain statements made on a restricted listserv hosted on our campus computer server, which have been reported in the public media,” wrote Lawrence. “I repudiate these statements publicly and I urge you to do the same.”

“While we maintain our staunch support of freedom of expression and academic inquiry, some remarks by an extremely small cohort of Brandeis faculty members are abhorrent.  Such statements, which include anti-Semitic epithets, personal attacks, denigration of the Catholic faith, and the use of crude and vulgar terms in discussions about Israel, do not represent the Brandeis community,” he continued. “I condemn these statements in no uncertain terms.”

As this author noted in Breitbart:

This listserv, entitled “Concerned,” was created in 2002. It began “out of concern about possible war with Iraq.” It contains 92 subscribers, including professors from outside of the university. Participants express their fear and disdain on issues ranging from United States foreign and domestic policy, the “American system,” and “the Israelists,” to “President ‘Obomber’” and “ Hillary ‘Obliterate Iran!’ Clinton.”

Further emails reported by the Washington Free Beacon detailed grotesque interactions between faculty, specifically Donald Hindley:

Slurs against Brandeis’s Jewish leadership, including former university President Jehuda Reinharz, are a common theme on the listserv, where Reinharz and his wife are referred to as “Mein Leader und Frau.”

During one 2009 discussion about “Israel and our organs”—which focuses on a blood libel accusing Israelis of harvesting organs—politics Professor Donald Hindley refers to the “Reinharz’ shetl” and offers to send fellow listserv members a picture of his penis.

“As an inhabitant of the not-yet-history Reinharz’ shetl, there remain important questions [about the organ harvesting], at least for me an an [sic] immigrant with his manhood still unmutilated [sic] [photos if desired],” Hindley writes.

Hindley also condemned the Catholic Church for "Christ exploitations" and accused Israel of "Holocaustic ethnic cleansing."

Lt. Colonel Allen West opined that "Donald Sterling has nothing" on the anti-Semitic faculty on the listserv. The “Concerned” listserv has continued to operate through the media attention until present day.

Lawrence did not offer any indication that the faculty members will face repercussions; they are still undisciplined as TruthRevolt goes to press.

“I believe that it is necessary for us all to take responsibility for debating and challenging opinions with which we disagree in a full, open, civil and decent manner. We must respond clearly by condemning and deploring disrespectful, offensive and inflammatory expression when we encounter it,” wrote Lawrence who is considering the position of president of the Anti-Defamation League.

“This is particularly true when particular statements of a very small number of individuals threaten to mischaracterize our community as a whole.”

When news of the listserv first broke, Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition Matt Brooks told TruthRevolt that “This latest revelation should only surprise people who never went to Brandeis. Nevertheless, these comments, laid out in the light of day, are disturbing, offensive and deeply troubling.”

“Sadly this is yet another example of Brandeis having a culture that  puts it far outside the mainstream.”