EXCLUSIVE: Brandeis Professor Slams Israel, 'Holocaustic Ethnic Cleansing'

"Zionist olive trees grow wondrously on Palestinian corpses"

In documents obtained by TruthRevolt, Brandeis University professor Donald Hindley slammed Israel and an initiative to plant trees in the "occupied, terrorized but still Palestinian territories" in 2007.

Under the subject line "Plant a Tree, Bury a Palestinian," the professor of politics declared, "[t]here's something wrong with this exhortation to send even more money to Israel- this time in order to plant olive trees." "We cut down Palestinian olive trees, while planting new ones on the expanding Jewish frontier." 

"Zionist olive trees grow wondrously on Palestinian corpses," he added. "In that way, we combine great trees with our own holocaustic ethnic cleansing."

In April, Hindley was among 87 Brandeis faculty members who petitioned for the cancelation of the honorary degree extended to human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali.