Boston College Student Government Says Fighting Abortion is Not “Legitimate Advocacy

Roving bands of militants seem to be just fine, though.

Political correctness has been running rampant across college campuses for many years. But only recently has their PC-run-amok taken a turn toward the bizarre, the violent, and the nonsensical. Today's edition of "Colleges Gone Wild" deals with the latter. This week, the Student Government at Boston College rejected a resolution affirming that pro-life advocacy is a legitimate use of rhetorical skills.

According to LifeNews:

Students introduced the measure at a time when pro-life college students often have to fight to form a club, begin a project or host a speaker on campus. Many pro-life college clubs also experience discrimination and sometimes vandalism and other forms of hostility.

The resolution, introduced by student Michael Proietta, asked the student government to recognize “pro-life activism” as a “legitimate and important form of advocacy,” according to The Heights, the student newspaper. Proietta said the resolution would affirm “the diverse interests of students.” 

The student government rejected the measure in a 13-5 vote Sunday, according to the report. Several students who opposed the measure said it should have recognize “pro-choice” abortion activism as well as pro-life; however, others said they voted against it because they believe there needs to be more discussion first, the report states.

The article also helpfully reminds readers that Boston College is a Jesuit Catholic institution, which means they would not be going out on the limb by passing that resolution:

The Catholic Church has always condemned abortion as a grave evil. Christian writers from the first-century author of the Didache to Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Evangelium Vitae ("The Gospel of Life") have maintained that the Bible forbids abortion, just as it forbids murder.  

So, here's just a reminder.  What is a legitimate form of advocacy, if you are a liberal?  This is fine:



But this is never acceptable:

After all the lunacy on college campuses, this sounds about right to me.