VIDEO: Democratic Rep Makes Crude, Sexist Joke about Kellyanne Conway

"War on Women," indeed.

Back in the 1970s, men and women voted for their candidates without a significant gap. But over the last ten presidential elections, women have consistently voted for the Democratic candidate over the Republican one. One year, 2012, was particularly noteworthy.  

During that Presidential campaign, Democrats began using saying that Republicans were waging a "war on women." They even got upset when Mitt Romney said he had a track record of dealing with gender inequality by searching for women to fill his Massachusetts Cabinet. Once his staff collected the resumes, they put them in a binder... which created one of the more memorable "gaffes" of the 2012 season:

Yes, isn't it absolutely terrible that Gov. Romney would search for qualified female candidates?

Now that Kellyanne Conway is one of the closest advisors to President Donald Trump, are liberals celebrating her achievement, proud that a woman is counseling the most important people in the world?

Hardly. They've used her as a figurative punching bag even since she made her first appearance on the public stage. And then there's this.

The Washington Press Club Foundation held their Annual Congressional Dinner Wednesday night, where media members and lawmakers join together for a night of what is supposed to include comedic speeches and light-hearted fun.

But according to Independent Journal Review’s Benny Johnson, who was in attendance, one Democratic lawmaker took it too far when he made a derogatory remark about White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway and the “controversy” surrounding the picture of her on the Oval Office couch crouching on her knees.

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) actually said this. In public. About a professional, influential woman:

The "war on women" is a tired old lie. But I hope after Rep. Richmond's comment, Democrats might just admit the truth about who's waging the war...  and American women will start voting for the candidate who shares their values, not just their anatomy.