Russian Foreign Ministry Spox Advises CNN: ‘Stop Spreading Lies and False News

That’s all the connection from Russia to Trump CNN needed. Guilty!

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was interviewed by CNN and she quickly called the network out for spreading fake news.

CNN Senior International Correspondent Matthew Chance was questioning Zakharova about the Trump administration’s ties with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The spokeswoman defended Kislyak as a “world-class diplomat who was a deputy minister of foreign affairs in Russia, who has communicated with his American colleagues for decades on different fields” and recoiled at the suggestion that he is a Russian spy. CNN said U.S. officials are the ones making those accusations, but Zakharova had other feelings on the matter:

“CNN accused him of being a Russian spy, recruiting… My god, come on, stop spreading lie and false news. This is a good advice for CNN.”

She walked away, saying, “Thank you,” and repeated, “Please, stop spreading lies and false news.”

That was all the proof CNN needed to connect Russia and Trump since they’re using the “familiar refrain” of fake news.

Watch above.