Blacks Complain Women’s March Too White, Cop Friendly

The Left is never satisfied.

In the current politically correct culture, labeling a march for “women” has proven problematic because being a woman these days doesn’t mean what it used to.

So, when hundreds of thousands of biological women gathered at protests around the country wearing costumes of the female anatomy and emphasizing genitalia above all else, transgender people were offended and criticized the marchers for believing the “vagina is essential to womanhood.” This has resulted in a kind of “TERF” war between the transgender community and feminists as TruthRevolt has reported.

But now there’s a new complaint: Black activists are upset over the majority white crowds being allowed to essentially shut down city blocks without fear of tear gas bombs from the police. To them, this was one giant display of white privilege, despite all the reports, photos, and videos of the many black and brown bodies, and LGBT people, among the crowds.

One Facebook post by author Luvvie Ajayi (I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual) read:

“White women and white bodies can hold space on streets and shut down cities ‘peacefully’ because they are allowed to. Black and brown people who march are assaulted by cops. In a world that doesn’t protect women much, when it chooses to, it is white women it protects.”

“This march, the fact that it could go off peacefully and cops are wearing pink hats, and no one felt like they were in danger, and militarized police didn’t show up, that’s white privilege at its core,” Ajayi said in an interview with The Washington Post. “They have the access and ability to do the things the majority of black and brown people who protest don’t have.”

Ajayi didn’t want to attend any rally like this and said her community did this instead: “Black women showed up, and we voted for Hillary.”

Johnetta Elzie participated in the Ferguson riots but is glad she didn’t have anything to do with the women’s march: “It’s something they almost brag about. ‘No one was arrested. The police gave us high-fives.’ The people I’ve seen saying that are white women, and that’s really spoken from a complete place of privilege.”

Never mind that three of the march’s lead organizers were women of color. Also never mind that hundreds of white people — let’s call them anarchists — were pepper sprayed and arrested in Washington D.C. on the day of President Trump’s inauguration when they began to riot and commence in all sorts of thuggery.

D.C. police said they were ready on Saturday with all the riot gear, as well, but didn’t need it because “it just didn’t turn out that way.”

But these inconvenient facts didn’t stop narrative lines being drawn on Twitter:

Problems arose early for this event when feminists were hoping to name it the Million Women March. However, that was quickly shut down as that would appropriate the Million Man March of 1995 when black men marched on Washington.

Does anybody else’s head hurt?