D.C. Police Arrest 217 Rioters; Windows Smashed, Cars Burnt, Cops Attacked

The tolerant Left really stuck it to the Man this time!

Progressive tolerance showed its peaceful face once again on Friday at the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Anarchists, triggered by Trump becoming president, cowered behind masks and filled the streets of Washington D.C. They destroyed businesses, including Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Bank of America, set fires to cars and trash cans, and attacked cops with sticks and bottles. Because that’s how you fight fascism: by overturning trash cans and being generally destructive.

But that’s the mentality of these leftists: destroy other people’s property because, heck, we don’t have to pay for it. Besides, the evil Republican voters did the same thing after Barack Obama was elected. Oh, wait...

By the evening, 217 had been arrested and charged with rioting. Meanwhile, the mainstream media keep calling them protesters. Though things have calmed, authorities are still monitoring several groups, according to NBC News. In all, there were 3,000 local, state, and federal officers on hand as well as 5,000 National Guard members. 

Six police officers were injured from bricks and other things being thrown and swung at them. The anarchists "boldly" attacked the cops despite being sprayed with mace.

Below is some more footage.

Larry King's hired car was also attacked:

Here's how they treated some Air Force officers:

Saturday is the Women’s March on Washington. Expect even more tolerance then.