Blacks Aren’t Happy That Women’s Marchers Slapped Pink Hat on Harriet Tubman Statue

Dear White Women: “Keep the pink pu**y hat to yourself.”

As the Women’s March made it’s way through Harlem on Saturday, protesters seized on an opportunity to adorn a bronze statue of Harriet Tubman with a pink pussy hat — an act that made many in the black community very upset.


For The Grio, Demetria Irwin writes:

It is a stoic and dignified memorial befitting Harriet Tubman (even if a little watered down by the fact that the fearless liberator is depicted without her shotgun).

The placement of a silly pop culture symbol of non-inclusive white feminism on top of Tubman’s head is insulting. The person who perpetrated this stunt probably thought it was a “stick it to the man” gesture of solidarity with a historical freedom fighter and modern day feminism. That person is wrong.

Welcome to the Left eating its own:





One white Twitter user excoriated her allies using the tangled language of the Left:


Irwin continued, telling white feminists to “keep the pink pussy hat to yourself:”

The pink pussy hat came into being after tapes of Donald Trump were released of him bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. The recording was released before the 2016 presidential election. Black people were already done with Trump and had been for decades, but this particular offense stoked the anger of white women. They clutched their collective pearls and donned pink pussy hats as they took to the streets for the Women’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration in 2017…

So this “I am woman hear me roar” strut with cutesy signs and those ridiculous pink pussy hats seems a bit disingenuous when more than half of voting white women cast their ballots for the man they claim to be horrified by now.

Black people (that includes Black women, FYI) have been very clear about Trump’s racism and misogynoir for years. This pink pussy hat donning 53% is one of many examples of how mainstream (ie white) feminism lacks the depth and breadth to embrace a movement that truly advocates for all women.

Irwin ended her piece telling white women that trying to link Tubman to the Women’s March is “profoundly disrespectful.”

“It does not bring Black women into this fight,” she wrote. “[K]eep your hands off of Sister Tubman.”

That's assuming a black feminist wasn't responsible for the supposed misdeed. Apparently, Irwin doesn’t need evidence that a white woman applied the hat to the statue, it's just a given.