Georgetown Prof Allows Black Student to Skip Lecture on Slavery

“So...listen, ... if you prefer not to come to class Wednesday, I won’t mark you absent.”

Campus Reform reports that a Georgetown University professor allowed a black student to skip class in case he might be uncomfortable with the scheduled discussion on slavery, white nationalism, and generally "awful stuff."

Apparently fearing that the student's race means he isn't an adult like the other students, and that he might be triggered by history, theology associate professor Theresa Sanders told a student in her “Adam and Eve” course that she would not mark him absent if he preferred not to participate in a discussion about “awful stuff.”

“So… I just wanted to give you a head's [sic] up that on Wednesday in ‘Adam and Eve’ we’ll be talking about race, slavery, white nationalism… some pretty awful stuff,” the email began. “So...listen, ... if you prefer not to come to class Wednesday, I won’t mark you absent.”

Sanders then told the student that he could simply “email if you have thoughts or questions. Or whatever,” she concluded, sounding more like a teen Valley Girl than a professor at an institution of higher learning.

Instead of feeling offended for receiving such "kid gloves" treatment, the student posted a screenshot of the email on Facebook with the caption, “We need more professors like this.” Why? More professors who condescend to minority students because they're deemed to be not as mature as white students, or because they might take history personally because of their race?

Other students responded to Daniel's Facebook status, praising Prof. Sanders for according her students preferential treatment for reasons of race.