Black Lives Matter Supporter Allegedly Attacked Woman Over Trump Sticker

16,000 people egged him on.

Clifford Durand, who goes by OCK PAPI (@ockisdead) on Twitter, punched a woman in a scuffle that took place after he threatened to smash her computer because she had a Trump sticker on it, witnesses say.

It all began when Durand sent a Tweet promising to smash her computer if he got enough retweets:

After just four hours, he had more than 16,000 retweets, and word made it back to the female student, 20-year-old Trump supporter Brianna Algazali. She confronted Durand, and that is when the alleged assault occurred.

From the New York Daily News:

Several witnesses at the Fresh Meadows campus watched as the heated Trump backer threw her Matcha water on Durand.

“She raised her voice and she threw her drink on him,” a friend of Durand told the Daily News. “He looked like he was in shock. I went towards him to hold him back.”

Some students present claimed that Durand struck Algazali after he was hit with the hot beverage. He admitted as much in one of dozens of tweets he sent before his account was suspended by the social media giant.

According to the Daily Caller, after the initial report but before he was suspended from Twitter, Durand denied the newspaper's account of the incident, tweeting "NY DAILY NEWS IS LYING ON ME."

The school is investigating the incident, and the police are not involved at this time. The school gave the following statement to the Daily News:

"Safety is the top priority at St. John’s University. We are aware of an incident that occurred earlier today on campus and it is being addressed,” a representative for the school told The News. “Any student in violation of our Code of Conduct is subject to our conduct process.”

On his Twitter account, Durand identified himself as a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, and had the hashtag in his bio.