Women's March Plan for Round Two

"A general strike: A day without a woman."

The Women's March organizers have announced that Americans will have to sit through another round of "p–ssy hats" and actress Ashley Judd auditioning for the Joan Crawford role in Mommie Dearest: "A general strike: A day without a woman. Date to be announced," they posted on Twitter.

Given the language in the ad, the Women's March plans to have some kind of Lysistrata reenactment – the Greek play by Aristophones in which women of Greece withhold sex from men to persuade them to end the Peloponnesian War. 

The extent of this strike, no one knows, but it's doubtful the feminists can pull off a full Lysistrata, since its hard to imagine that women shrieking "My c–nt, my p–ssy" in vagina costumes get much action to begin with.

The Women's March also only pulled in 3 million women supporters nationwide, neglecting the fact that Trump actually won the women's vote. This "strike" may be more like a tremor in the broader culture than an actual earthquake. 

Bring on the "p–ssy hats."