Biden Shuts Down House Dem’s Objection to Electoral College Vote: ‘It Is Over

And boom went the gavel.

On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden made House Speaker Paul Ryan and the entire Republican chamber burst out laughing when he conceded the election and told Democrats still hoping they could derail Donald Trump, “It is over.”

The members met for the official Electoral College vote tally on the House floor and several Democratic members raised objections to protest Trump’s sweep of the EC vote. According to Yahoo!, “The representatives cited Russian hacking, the legitimacy of the election and electors, alleged voter-suppression laws, and the voting machines themselves as reasons to object the results.”

However, Biden acted like an adult for a change — he thinks he’s pretty good at that — and essentially told the Democrats to get over it and move on.

One member stood to protest Georgia’s electors and was immediately, and we mean immediately, shut down with the stroke of Biden’s gavel.

“No debate! There’s no debate,” Biden repeated.

The vice president then explained the House code which states an objection must be in writing and signed by a House member and a senator for it to be considered. He asked if that was the case. However, the female member ignored his question and continued reading her objection, which was met with another swift pound of the gavel.

“There is no debate. There is no debate,” Biden repeated once more. “If it’s not signed by a senator the objection cannot be entertained.”

She informed him it was signed by a member of the House but not a senator. Biden then shut the whole thing down to a raucous response:

“Well, it is over.”

Which led to this moment of perfection:

Watch below. Brought to you by liberal tears:

H/T Daily Caller