Biden to Trump: ‘Grow Up, Time to Be An Adult, You’re President’

Wait a second… now Biden is acting like he didn’t want to take Trump behind the gym and beat him up?

On Thursday’s NewsHour on PBS, Vice President Joe Biden told President-elect Donald Trump to “grow up” and start acting like a president.

PBS’s Judy Woodruff said Democrats are “dealing with a new reality with how this new president will communicate” and read off a few recent tweets from Trump; one that called Chuck Schumer “the head clown” over the Obamacare debacle and another where he complained the “smooth” transition isn’t going as promised with all the roadblocks President Obama is putting up.

A smiling Biden perked up and said:

“Grow up, Donald, grow up. Time to be an adult, you’re president. You gotta do something. Show us what you have. You’re going to propose legislation, we’re going to get to debate it. Let the public decide, let them vote in Congress. Let’s see what happens.”

He continued: “It’s going to be much clearer what he’s for and against and what we’re for and against now that it’s going to get down to actually discussing in detail these issues that affect peoples’ lives.”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer appeared to love playing the clip on The Situation Room, calling Biden’s comments “pretty amazing."

But flashback to a mere two months ago and it was Biden who was being juvenile when he went all school-yard-bully on Trump:

“Press always ask me, ‘Don’t I wish I were debating him?’ No! I wish we were in high school and I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish.”