Bias? What Bias?

Disney CEO defends Stephanopoulos.

He worked for Bill Clinton, donated to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, and is insufferably liberal but the big boss of ABC News talking head George Stephanopoulos told shareholders that he doesn't see any bias, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger defended ABC News and one of its anchors, former Democratic party advisor George Stephanopoulos, against charges of liberal bias when pressed to do so Thursday by a shareholder who works for a conservative advocacy group.

"Are we perfect? No. But I believe the overall presentation of ABC News, the reputation of ABC News, is one that we are and will continue to be proud of," Iger told the shareholder.  

Stephanopoulos was a key member of Bill Clinton's 1992 election campaign before holding several roles in the Clinton administration. In the 2012 election cycle Stephanopoulos moderated a debate where he asked Mitt Romney about banning contraception, a position Romney had never advocated. The exchange permitted the Obama campaign to attack Romney on the issue including in campaign ads.

While saying he was aware of how some viewed Stephanopoulos, Iger said he was satisfied with the anchor's work:

Iger said he saw the anchor interview the various presidential candidates and he was satisfied the interviews were fair.

"He seems to be equally aggressive in terms of looking for criticism, looking for applause, demanding facts and opinions from all of them. I assure you, if we felt George was not presenting it fairly or were bias, he would not be on our air," he said. "It's something we take very, very seriously, and we monitor closely."  

Under questioning from a shareholder, Iger also rejected the idea, prominent in many polls, that the news media has a liberal bias.