BET’s Soul Train Awards Host Starts Show On One Knee for Kaepernick

"Kaep, we appreciate you giving up your life."

The NFL-born kneeling just won’t stop. At BET’s Soul Train Awards Sunday night, host Erykah Badu began the show with an overtly political alternative to a song: the singer took to one knee, “for Kaep.”

Badu explained her action, turning what should have been a program of entertainment for all to enjoy into a partisan political rally:

“I know I usually do a big elaborate musical number, right here, but right now I feel I need to do this. This is for Kaep! Kaep, we appreciate you giving up your life, giving up your dream, ‘cause you believe in us. So this is how y’all feel!”

Of course, Badu could have taken a much different position. She might’ve said, for example: “Kaep, you’re half white and half black. You could’ve represented racial unity; instead, you’ve become a device of division and animosity. You’ve stirred up emotions with your ignorance. The crimes by law enforcement against black people which you have protested do not exist. You should’ve educated yourself. Instead, you began a chain reaction that has caused people to hate the NFL.” 

That’s what she could’ve said; but that would have meant going against the grain of the Progressive narrative. And predictably, the crowd cheered, applauded, and raised their fists. A group salute to ignorance. 

Continuing with the Democrat propaganda, Badu threw jaw-dropping shade at Trump. She told the audience her phone notifies her whenever Trump tweets; shortly thereafter, a phony Twitter posting by Trump was displayed on a screen onstage:

"Erik Baydo kneels at 30th Slave Train of Soul Award. Cancel Now! #CountryMusicBetter.”

And so, the Soul Train Awards took time out from handing out awards to broadcast to the world that they’re a leftist organization, that the police are targeting black people, and that the President of the United States is a racist who views blacks as slaves. 

How would things have gone if an awards show had been so staunchly against -- or even at all against -- Barack Obama?

Today, one can scarcely turn on the television without hearing the Progressive party line. Erykah Badu would've done better to take the advice of the title of a documentary about some other Democrat musicians -- the Dixie Chicks: "Shut Up and Sing."