Bernie Sanders Supporter Calls Black Media Figures 'Coons,' Wishes Them Murdered

"I wish that would've been Stacey Dash on the ground instead of Michael Brown, but with additional rounds."

Provocative gangsta rapper Willie D of the Geto Boys -- known for such songs titled "F*** a War," "F*** the KKK," and "F*** Rodney King" -- has a new release called "Coon," a term he uses to describe members of the black community who turn on their own. In his sights specifically are black media figures who he believes have traded their heritage for cash.

In "Coon," Willie D targets the likes of Charles Barkley, Don Lemon, and Stacey Dash. Here are some of the lyrics pertaining to them:

Listen up Charles Barkley
You light skin but still calling you a darky
The only reason that they put the mic in your face
Is so you can do they dirt and talk down on your race

Aw, hell, CNN is on
Check out this lil' bitch named Don Lemon
Getting stuck in the butt got your ass corrupted
You can smell weed but you can't smell injustice
Selling your people out while the police murder them
I wish the protestors would've shot you in Ferguson
I wish that would've been Stacy Dash on the ground instead of Michael Brown
But with additional rounds

Charming AND tolerant. 

Willie D, who released a song called "Hoodiez" in honor of Trayvon Martin, was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone. It's quite revealing to say the least.

The rapper took the opportunity to slam Donald Trump but also to show his support for Bernie Sanders:

I think Bernie is the guy. He has put in the work. I think out of all of the candidates on both sides that he seems to be the most consistent in his policies. He, I think he's the most honest. He has the most integrity out of all of 'em. I'll say that he has the most experience out of all of 'em. And he's a unifier. These are all the qualities that we look for in a President, so I don't understand why we won't just end this sh** today and just vote for Bernie Sanders and just make Bernie Sanders our President here in the United States. He shouldn't even have to debate. His record, his record truly speaks for itself.

Then the conversation turned to his lyric about Bill Cosby and how he feels the media and public are treating the iconic comedian since the multiple sexual assault charges were brought against him. Here is the verse for context:

Raven-Symoné shut your chicken head dumb ass up
White folks don't love you black folks don't trust you
When you was on that show Bill Cosby must've drugged you
I had to get cause you're cooning for Capital
You Hollywood niggas are laughable
You're not infallible like Cosby when they use you up
They gonna throw your ass under the bus

Willie D said Cosby should've known his number was up when he "turned" on the black community, presumably for saying they should pull their pants up and speak properly. Because he did that Cosby was left high and dry when the allegations hit the news in his assessment. But worse than that, according to D, is how the white community rears its "vengeance" in similar situations:

Because quite frankly, white America is very unforgiving when it comes to black folks doing something f***ed up. You know? "Hey man, we ride with you, man, but the minute you f*** up, you outta here." They will f***in' destroy your ass. You know? You worried about black folks being vengeful about blaming you, you worried about the wrong sh**. White folks are vengeful like a motherf***er. They will f***in' destroy your ass if you f*** up. They like, "No, he did what? Ah, hell no. We gotta stop that sh**. Hell no." Bill Cosby? "Hey man. Thanks for the 200 years of great songs and movies and giving and everything, but you f***ed up this time! You outta here." I just used him as an example of, you know, what could happen to you in Hollywood once they are done with you.

Wow! That must have been pent up for a while.

Willie D said he is not alone in these feelings and will continue to be the mouthpiece for that section of the black community who aren't brave enough to speak out loud:

And I'm not alone in this. This is a big discussion, specifically in the black community right now. And all of these people that I named are on the hit list. You know, people are tired. Many of them are speaking their minds, but they don't have that platform that I have, and they can't articulate the message like I can. But I can translate that motherf***er for 'em. I know what they're saying, and I know how they feel. And they're fed up. They're tired of being sold out … by these media puppets. Specifically these black media puppets who are basically echoing the messages of their executives, their bosses…. These corporations, these brands like CNN and ESPN and TNT... We could compartmentalize Fox for the moment, because everybody know that Fox has no pretension about what they are.

What's next for Willie D and his career? Here's what he had to say:

"Coon II." I kept some people off that list. I got a hit list, I've got some more of 'em I need to get at. Couldn't talk about 'em all on one song. Coming out with "Coon II." "Coon III," "Coon IV," "Coon V." I'm never letting 'em slide any more. Just don't end up on this list, because I'm going in.

Can't wait!