Auburn Police Enforce 'Anti-Masking' KKK Laws on Anti-Fascists

When you're breaking the same laws as the Klan, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your choices.

The irony of this is thick. According to a 1949 Time article, Alabama "set out to prove that the cross-burning, sheeted hoodlums of the Ku Klux Klan [a Democratic Party invention, by the way], though they might get the headlines, did not speak for Alabama. By an 84-to-4 vote, the state legislature made it a misdemeanor ($500 fine, or a year in jail) to appear in public wearing a mask."

Though this was the first anti-masking law enacted in the South since reconstruction, it is apparently now being used against AntiFa activists who showed up at Auburn to protest the speech of alt-right leader Richard Spencer. The police weren't about to let that happen. Watch the interaction between the Anti-Fa idiots and Auburn police. You can almost hear them thinking, "You're not in Berkeley anymore" and "Welcome to Alabama."


It's hilarious how puny and ridiculous these Anti-Fa people looked when they're forced to actually follow the law. Ironically, the Anti-Fa were at Auburn to fight what they believe is the racism and anti-Semitism of the alt-right movement, when the old KKK laws ruined their plans.