‘Arrow’ Becomes Anti-Gun in Latest Episode

Suit up and kick butt. That's all we want.

Apparently, DC Comics wants to see what it’s like to lose fans much like Marvel, which has finally realized turning comic book heroes into social justice warriors is turning away fans in droves.

On Wednesday night’s Arrow on the CW, protagonist Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who is both the Green Arrow and mayor of Star City, meets with a pro-gun councilwoman in his office to talk about “reasonable” measures to take on gun control. Up to this point in the series, Queen hasn’t had much of a problem with guns with his gun-toting sidekick John Diggle with him at nearly every battle. The Arrow team has faced similar dangers every season, but apparently one too many bad guys used a gun for a crime in Star City this time and he’s had enough. (Forget the fact that he shoots people with arrows — but he doesn’t kill every one of them, so, he’s all good.)

Here’s a clip via Newsbusters:

So, what? Another superhero show going down the path of politics. That’s the natural progression in Hollywood. The creators think no one wants to see a super buff dude kick the living crap out of bad guys and feel no remorse. You know, that’s why we didn’t watch The West Wing.

Here’s Arrow executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle giving you everything you need to know why you’ll add this show to your no-watch list:

MARC GUGGENHEIM: We went into Season 5, wanting to do an episode about an issue… We felt that gun violence was the right topic because of its topicality, but also because of the level of gun violence that is on Arrow. We could have done an episode on abortion, but that’s not really where the show lives. Gun violence felt like the right thing to tackle.

WENDY MERICLE: We knew, when we were talking about the mayor’s office, that there was an opportunity to do an episode where he didn’t get into the Green Arrow costume. From a story perspective, it was also about figuring out how to solve the issue of the day or the problem of the week with Oliver Queen as the mayor, instead of gearing up as the Green Arrow. [Yeah, because we hate super heroes suiting up!!]

GUGGENHEIM: This was totally not by design and completely accidental, but I wrote the first half of the script before November 7th, and the second half of the script after November 7th. That week, I was writing the script. I write chronologically and linearly, and I think you can see that, in the second half, it’s about guns and gun violence, but it’s also about the state of discourse in our country. I’m an unapologetic progressive, but the thing that I’ve noticed is that not talking about issues serves a conservative agenda, not a liberal agenda.

Hey, look! They’re watching paint dry on channel 302.