‘Anti-Fascist’ Gym to Open in Chicago to Train the Left for ‘Coming War’

Because of all that far-right violence that always turns out to be faked.

On Monday evening, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson spoke with an activist who hopes to open an “anti-fascist” gym in Chicago where leftists will be trained to fight in the “coming war.” However, Carlson easily takes her down and pins her to the mat with facts.

The woman, who called herself “Naila,” is head of what’s called the Haymaker Collective, a group that wants to teach self-defense to other Antifa members to combat the threats of right-wing violence, racism, and xenophobia.

“The conflict has already been established,” Naila said. “We’ve seen since 2016, there’s been a 20% increase in hate crimes both nationally, and in the city of Chicago.”

“So, rather than feeling frightened and isolated and alone, that we can come together, build strength in solidarity with one another with an autonomous gym formation,” she added.

Carlson indicated he’s all for gyms and free association but wondered if the group’s fears were misplaced, seeing as not a single shooting of the 2,000 reported so far this year in Chicago has been perpetrated by a Trump supporter.

However, Naila, shrouded in an Islamic veil, was more interested in touting the very statistics we debunked yesterday that the real danger facing America is not terrorism, but white conservatives. To emphasize her point, she referenced stats from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Carlson laughed at the mention and let her know they were totally made up statistics.

The activist had much less to say when asked how many of the 2,000 shootings were carried out by right-wingers or were biased crimes.

“Carlson, if you don’t know, then I’m not going to sit here and give you statistics,” said the woman who had just sat there and given Carlson statistics.

Naila then mentioned the story of the Muslim teenager who was killed in Virginia on her way to have McDonald’s breakfast as one of the reasons she wants to start the gym. However, Carlson reminded her of a little inconvenient fact she purposely left out: “Was she killed by a Trump supporter? Oh, I thought she was killed by an illegal alien, wasn’t she?”

“She was killed by a man who decided to go after her with a bat,” Naila deflected.

“That was not a Trump supporter actually, that was an illegal alien,” Carlson said, unable to hold back laughter. “Bad example, I’m sure there are others!”

Just like media, the story of the Muslim girl killed by an illegal alien has been swept into the dustpan of history so that those pesky little details don’t conflict with the narrative that Trump and his supporters are the worst people in America.